5 Tips To Reduce Latency In Gaming

Imagine you are in the middle of a battlefield, and just before you shoot your enemy, your screen freezes; five seconds later, when the screen is dynamic, you see yourself losing. Your reaction would be to curse the broadband service, but as much as it is possible, there is also a slight possibility of your game lagging.

Latency or lagging of a video game is described as the delay between the player’s action and response by the game server.

 With the gaming industry shifting rapidly towards the internet, the lagging or the latency of a game has become more frequent than usual. Luckily, everything comes with the solution, so there are several things out here and there that a player can opt to minimize the lags.

Here are ten excellent tips for players who want to increase their gaming speed.

Check your bandwidth

Clicking games do not require very high-speed broadband with 800 and 900 Mbps. However, you would at least need 15 to 20 Mbps for a seamless online game. When you are the only one using the internet, you will notice that the system runs smoothly, but the system automatically lags with the broadband being shared. The speed comes down to 2 or 3 Mbps because of all the streaming activities, and downloading needs way more data than an online game. All these activities can cause your game to lag significantly, and no matter if your bandwidth is providing you with the required internet speed, it would not be sufficient for your game.

Move closer to the router

You might think how moving closer to the router would increase your bandwidth speed. But, TMI, It is almost the most specific reason why your speed is maybe lagging.

Items like walls or other furniture may hinder the route of signals from the wireless router. Hence, moving closer to the router increases the chances of your system catching the speed at a faster pace. If you still think moving closer to the router is not sufficient, disconnect all the connected devices from the router and restart it.

Household appliances like wireless speakers, smart television, microwave, refrigerator, or even mobile chargers are automatically connected to the router when not even in use; disconnecting them would help the wireless signal travel faster to your device.

Close the background websites and applications

Sometimes applications or the websites running in the background use more data than the active ones. For example, heavy streaming sites like Netflix, YouTube, or even downloading affects the ping rate and the latency.

The most common reason for a game lagging is the apps or software running in the background, which you need to close and refresh your system before you start playing your game.

Closing every motion in the background will undoubtedly increase the gaming speed, and the chances of your game lagging come down to zero.

Check your signal strength

While using Wi-Fi for all the internet streaming services, the confidence is next level that your bandwidth and signal strength are up to the mark. However, it is not always possible. If you are a Wi-Fi user, you must check your signal strength and bandwidth. For this, you can download any application on your mobile phone or even do the same online. If the signal strength is appropriate, your game is not going to lag. Contrary to the situation, if the signals are weak, there is a high chance that the game will lag.

Connect your device to your router via an Ethernet cable

While wireless broadband is easy and less hectic, they cannot provide the signal a proper route to travel. This might cause your broadband speed to lag. Connecting the router to your device via an Ethernet cable would be the best option while playing any game.

An Ethernet cable would get you a consistent speed and connection, so there would be fewer instances of connectivity losing. There are different types of cables available in the market that can prove to be helpful.

Latency should never be the reason you lose. Apart from following these tips, a gamer requires a good click speed per second. The more accuracy and efficiency they have, the better will be the gaming experience.

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