Call of Duty: Warzone tips for learning to reliably Get Some

The Call of Duty Warzone got a lot of praise for bringing realism into the gameplay. Warzone stands at the pinnacle of the Battle Royale games and has taken over the shooting gamer’s community by a storm. The game stands apart from the other games of its genre. We have collected some of the best Warzone tricks and tips here at for all the Call of Duty players to help them get a start or grow better at the game.

The mode

Let us begin by explaining the basics of the mode. You find yourself thrown into a standing battle as the last player and you are a three-player squad by default. You aim to survive till you are the last standing squad and come out victories. With 147 players competing for the same thing, it can turn out to be tricky.

You start in a plane, fly over the map, and view the path of the flight in the game map planning where you and your teammates should land. From the moment you are out of the plane, it is time to fight for survival. You stand a chance if you can avoid the classic ring of toxic gas and get killed by the other players.

What makes Call of Duty Warzone different from the other battle games?

Here is what makes Warzone unique from the other battle games that you may have played in the past.

  • The loot does not include weapon attachments.
  • The killstreak lets you call the airstrike and attack helicopters. 
  • You loot around the chests since the loot quality is pretty low on the ground.
  • There are many mini-missions in the game.
  • You can sort of respawn.

Tips to master Warzone and learning to get some

Warzone has a lot of UI and overlapping systems that can get overwhelming for any beginner. Here are some basic tips to help you get started.

  • You can shoot your rivals when you are still in the air.
  • You can reuse your parachute which means you can open the parachute as many times as you want to.
  • The circle or the safe zone that does not affect you with gas has been marked with a white circle and it moves in small increments.
  • Players can revive only once through the Gulag. You can buy the self-revive tool from the in-game store.
  • Make sure to spend your money often and early in the game. 
  • Take on the contracts early into the game. This is the time when people are spread out and the risk of getting killed is low.
  • You are allowed to grind the XP in the pre-game. You can get the XP on your character or weapon by getting hold of kills in the pre-game.
  • The items have different colors and each color code explains how rare the item is. The rarer an item is the more are its perks. White is the most common color and purple epic is legendary.

Advanced strategies to play Warzone

Here are some tips for those who have got a feel of the Warzone game but need to upskill to perform better.

  • Use the tall buildings to camp. The buildings that are higher than thirteen floors give you an amazing eagle-eye view that lets you snip and mark enemies.
  • It is useless to snip back and forth. If you are locked in a battle where the rival finds your location and shoots fire it can burn you through the ammo and shield plate. Engage in a fight only when you think you are at an advantage.
  • If you ride on the edge of the circle then this is high risk but also a high reward gameplay. The circle moves very fast and the gas is highly lethal but when your back is towards the circle you are sure no one will be able to flank you down.
  • Get aggressive when you spot the enemies. It pays to create a psychological impact on the battlefield and make the enemies panic.
  • Your gears should decide how you engage so fight as per your specialism and loadout.
  • Practice hot drop as it lets you learn though not necessarily helps you to win.
  • Unless you are close to the exit door do not self res. You will die so quickly after you get up that it makes it useless to use it.
  • Always spend time learning the map to gain familiarity and to understand its intricacies.
  • Share your resources with your team. You are highly unlikely to win the game by yourself.


Call of Duty Warzone does share many elements with the other Battle Royale games. However, the shrinking play zone and the close ring of lethal gas make the game challenging. While the gameplay is still about picking up the lootings and hiding in the buildings there are new things that this game has to offer. So before you delve in, go through these reliable tips to gain some advantage on the battlefield.

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