Drastic ds emulator apk paid full version free download [no license and patched]

What is drastic ds emulator?

You would have been a big fan of Nintendo games. But have you even felt to play these games on android. Well, to play nintendo games you need an emulator installed on your android device. One such emulator is this drastic ds emulator apk. It comes with some cool features like screen customization, game controller compatibility and much more. Itís actually available as a paid apk in play store. But donít worry! Letís see how to download and install drastic ds emulator paid apk for free on android by patching with lucky patcher.

Features of drastic ds emulator apk

  • Works great with High quality graphics
  • Works both on portrait and landscape mode
  • Adjust the position of DS screens and control
  • Save the game and easily update to the latest play
  • Play pause and resume features while playing
  • Easy gaming controls
  • Compatible with add-on controllers like NVidia Shield & Xperia Play
  • Customize the screen as per your resolution
  • Use cheat codes on play
  • Fast forward the games and save your time

Download drastic ds emulator apk

How to install drastic ds emulator apk for android?


Basically as drastic is a paid apk available on play store it always needs a license for verification. So if you want to install this apk for free then you need to patch it. Here we are going to explain it with lucky patcher. Follow the below steps carefully.

  • Download the drastic es emulator apk paid version and install it on your device.
  • As you need to patch the file we recommend to download and install lucky patcher on your phone.
  • Once lucky patcher is install, open it and go to the Menu for Patches -> Remove License Verification -> Automodes.
  • Now select the option ìAuto Mode (Inversed), other patch, remove dependencies.
  • Next just apply Patch to dalvik-cache.
  • Thatís it, folks. As simple as that. You have successfully patched drastic ds emulator apk on your android device.
  • The installation is over. Lets see how to use it.

How to use drastic ds emulator app?

As this app is meant for playing nintendo games you gotto download the nintendo game files on your device.

Once you have downloaded, open the drastic ds emulator apk and select load game.

Now you will find something like the file manager. Here you need to browse the nintendo game files that you have downloaded.

Once you select the game you are ready to play it.

Drastic DS Emulator full apk for PC

Have you ever thought of playing these games on your PC? Well! Itís always fun to play our childhood games on PC with a large screen. So here we will discuss how to install and use drastic ds emulator apk for PC.

In this method, we will be using an android emulator named bluestacks. Follow the below steps carefully to install drastic ds emulator apk on PC.

  • Download bluestacks on your windows PC and install it.
  • Just like we did for android you can install the drastic app on bluestacks.
  • Then download your favorite nintendo game on PC.
  • And finally, load that game with the drastic ds emulator.
  • Thatís it, guys! Enjoy playing nintendo games on your PC.

Drastic DS EMulator for iOS [iPhone]

In order to play nintendo games on iOS an emulator is required. So to install the emulator you need a jailbroken iphone.

Follow the below instruction to play nintendo DS emulator on iOS.

  • Open the safari browser on the iphone and browse this url: http://iosem.us/app/install/nds.html
  • Find the install button and click it.
  • Now confirm the installation. Once the installation gets over go the setting section and open settings.
  • Next go to the general tab and select profiles. Find the new profile.
  • Then click on Trust and confirm it.
  • Its complete. You can now play the nintendo games on iOS.


Drastic ds emulator apk is a must have app if you want to experience your old childhood games. I really recollected my childhood with these games. Do share your experience with us on comments.

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