Itel A44 Flash File (Firmware/Stock ROM)

Flashing up a smartphone means extending up its limits to a greater extent. Every product has some limitations and to extend those a little bit is something we always look forward to. But do you think that is so easy to make in? Simply not. We need to use some tricks to let things easily happening to us.

If you are willing to repair or improve the functionality of your Itel A44, here we are with the perfect solution for you. Using up flash files for your Itel A44 would not surely be easy for you and that’s why we are here going to brief you about what exactly it is and how to flash your device conveniently.

What is Itel A44 Flash File?

Itel A44 Flash File was being designed to deal with the different software issues of Itel A44 handset. The flash files make it quite easier for the users to upgrade their device and one can also look forward to downgrading, or reinstalling the stock firmware on their devices as well. the best thing about this wonderful tool is that we can limit up our levels now without any failure.

The flash files work efficiently on a wide range of software issues and can perfectly deal with the IMEI issues as well. While going further with the process, just make sure that you have installed Itel A644 Flash Files from the genuine official website only.

Itel A44 Flash File


Itel A44 Flash File is often being used by the professionals for repairing software issues from the Itel A44 device effectively.

How to Flash Itel A44?

Are you ready to flash your Itel A44? If yes, just make sure to follow the mentioned process very carefully.

  • Launch the web browser on your computer system and then search for the Intel A44 firmware package from there.
  • Tap on the Download button to download and extract the related files on your device.
  • Once done, the USB drivers, flashing tools, and firmware files will be present on your computer system.
  • Now install the provided drivers on your computer system and if you already have done that, you can simply skip this step as well.
  • Now, launch the firmware flashing tool on your PC and then load Itel A55 firmware files inside the flash tool.
  • On the completion of the above process, now you have to connect your device with your computer system with a USB cable.
  • Once done, now initiate the firmware flashing process.
  • Wait and once completed, you can see a success message being flashing out there.
  • Now disconnect your Itel A44 device from PC and then restart it to enable the changes you just have made in.

The Requirement for Itel A44 Flash Files

  • Windows computer system
  • Itel A44 device with 70%+ battery
  • USB cable
  • Itel A44 Flash Files


Working on flashing Itel A44 is surely not a difficult task now. Just make sure to follow on the provided process given above very carefully. Don’t forget to back up your data before proceeding further with the flash process.

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