Top 4 kitchen appliances to buy in 2020

Our lives have become so fast-paced in the present times that we are always in need of gadgets and devices that make our lives easier. The domain of our lives, which is getting impacted severely owing to the fact that we are leading such busy lives, is our eating habits. We are continually resorting to fast food options because it is merely, as the name suggests, fast and convenient. Nobody has the time or energy left now to spend an hour in the kitchen to prepare a meal. But the health benefits of home-cooked meals are unparalleled. So here’s a list of 4 top-quality kitchen appliances which will make cooking at home an easy affair.

1. Steam oven

If you want to prioritize your health and eat nutritionally balanced meals which you can prepare conveniently, this appliance is must-have in your kitchen. This appliance makes cooking healthier and more comfortable by using steam for cooking your food.

Pros: Steam ovens are a health-conscious individual’s best friend. Steam ovens cook your food using steam instead of oil or any other form of fat. Another benefit of using steam for cooking your diet is that when food is cooked in steam, the food has higher moisture content than when it is prepared through other more traditional means. You must also note that when steam-cooked, meals possess a higher tendency to retain more minerals and vitamins, which makes your food nutrient-dense. Steam ovens also reduce the likelihood of burning your food in the process of warming it or preparing it.

Cons: Before purchasing steam ovens, you must be aware that they are quite an expensive investment. Steam ovens may also occupy a significant amount of space in your kitchen area.

How to buy: Steam ovens can be purchased both in online stores and any big kitchen appliance store. However, the option of buying it online is more favourable and sensible, owing to the plethora of steam oven brands available online in sites like Amazon. You would have a lot of options to make a sound decision.

2. Roti maker

Roti, also known as flatbread, is a diet staple for many owning to the fact that it is absolutely delicious and healthy. However, the entire process of preparing flatbread staring from the kneading to rolling the dough, and then cooking it is a long process which requires a sufficient amount of skill. To make this harrowing process easier, roti maker is a great appliance to have in your kitchen. There are manual roti makers which serve the function of flattening the dough balls into discs when the dough balls placed between the pan and heated lid of the roti maker. Then there are automated roti makers who perform a multitude of functions from kneading and rolling the dough to cooking it.

Pros: Automated roti makers, with the brand Rotimatic being the only one in the market selling this variant of roti makers, can prepare delicious fresh flatbreads in a matter of a few seconds. It thus saves a lot of time and energy. Automated roti makers do not even take up a lot of space on your kitchen countertop. It also requires very little manual involvement to function owing to the fact that it is automated.

Cons: You must be careful about the softness of the dough to ensure proper consistency. Other, it may result in the dough sticking to either the lid or pan of manual roti makers. For automated roti makers, the proportion of the ingredients which is poured into the machine must be quite precise to ensure optimum results.

How to buy: Roti makers can be purchased from your local kitchen appliance store as well as from online stores. It is suggested to go through Rotimatic Review and know the benefits of having a roti maker in your home.

3. Food processors

This is a kitchen appliance which serves a multitude of functions like chopping, blending, and liquefying food. Food processors come with a variety of settings on the application, as well as several blade options depending on the nature of the function performed by the blade.

Pros: It is like an all in one appliance because of the several setting options it comes with, as well as several types of blades. Therefore you can prepare a number of dishes such as smoothies, milkshakes, soups, cake batter, dough, etc. using just one appliance. Another significant advantage of using a food processor is that it performs the aforementioned functions very quickly. Thus it saves you a lot of time, which you would otherwise spend chopping, whisking, blending, etc. Food processors are also not at all bulky and take up very little space in your kitchen.

Cons: There is a risk of spillage if you overfill a food processor. It is also a little difficult to wash and clean after use.

How to buy: This appliance is available in abundance from a variety of brands, both online and offline. Therefore, be sure to do your research about the best possible food processor before purchasing.

4. Sandwich Griller and Toaster

Are you a fan of delicious grilled or toasted sandwiches? Do you need meal options that are not only delicious but take little to no time to prepare? Well, then you should definitely consider purchasing a sandwich maker for your kitchen. Even though it is very to make sandwiches, it can be very frustrating to see the filling spilling out and making the sandwich messy. To make your life easier, purchasing a sandwich griller and toaster is your best choice.

Pros: Sandwich makers make your sandwich look more compact because it seals the edges of the two slices of bread, which prevents any spillage from happening. Sandwich grillers also make your sandwiches look more aesthetically pleasing. They are highly inexpensive and thus cost-effective. They also take up very little space. They can be used to make things apart from sandwiches such as wraps and quesadillas.

Cons: You must make sure that the brand of sandwich maker you are purchasing provides non-stick plates and has excellent reviews because there are a lot of below-average sandwich makers available in the present market.

How to buy: Sandwich Griller and Toasters are available both online and in your nearest kitchen appliance stores.

With the advancement in science and technology, there is a vast variety of gadgets and devices available in the market. Cooking and eating are such fundamental aspects of our lives that anything to make it more convenient and possibly healthier should be utilized to the fullest extent. Go right ahead and explore these brilliant kitchen appliances and make your lives easier!

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