Micromax Funbook Flash File [Stock ROM/Firmware]

Everyone has felt the slowness of their mobile device after using it for a long time. But more than that, you want your phone to update to the latest software version. This is possible by installing the Micromax funbook flash file. Having been on the receiving side of your phone’s hectic behavior, a flash file can be your solution.

What are the pre-requirements for installation?

Before installation, you have to keep a record of a few things. This is important since otherwise, that can stall your installation process. Since it is an up-gradation process, you should have all your data in the mobile phone backed up to storage like a pen drive or cloud. This helps you retrieve the data. Also, make sure there is a sufficient charge on the phone. As installation can take time, it consumes more energy. It is recommended to have at least more than 50% of the battery charged.

How to install a flash file?

When you are ready with the requirements, you can start the process with a mobile phone and laptop. Connect to the internet and download the Micromax funbook flash file to your system. After downloading the package, extract the flash tool and download the scatter file.

Once this is downloaded to your system, you can connect the Android phone via a USB cable. If you have not installed it, you must have a USB driver so the system can identify your Android device. Switch off your phone, connect, and once it is done, press the volume buttons (p and down) to install.

After installation, a green button appears. Now boot your phone to update the latest firmware after installation.

What happens after flashing?

Once you flash the device, the operations will get altered. This is because it affects the software installed on the phone. And how that happens depends on the type of phone you use. But there are many advantages associated with flashing the device.

Flashing Android upgrades your phone’s software and becomes more effective in solving the errors that occurred earlier. You can download the firmware from the link given below.

Download Link

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