MTK USB DRIVERS Download for Windows Computer(Windows 7/8/10)

MTK USB DRIVERSCan’t connect to your MTK smartphone, to your computer? No worries. We’ll get you through this. It’s basically due to the MTK drivers issue. It might be possible sometimes that the MTK drivers have become outdated or corrupted and for broken mtk usb drivers to work perfectly. You need to consider few points before you download mtk usb drivers and setup everything. But there are few problems faced by users while downloading the mtk drivers on the internet. Most of the drivers are not functional, or not from the official source. Some may even inject virus into your computers.

So, stick with this post we’ll let you know each and everything in a minute.

MTK USB Drivers Download

It’s possible that you install some incompatible mtk driver, if you do so then you’ll end up having issues connecting yor phone to your computer and in case of wrong drivers installed it will cause some more damage or random freeze issue.

Hence, if you’re not that certain we insist you not to download from any website. You can count on us for each and everything.

To avoid mtk driver installation failures or conflicts we request you to follow the procedure and use a reputable and professional tool such as mtk driver utility tool like Driver talent for scanning out the mtk driver list status first and if you’re running a windows 7 then, you can find the matched all mtk usb drivers windows 7 here.
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What is MTK USB drivers?

MTK USB drivers refers to Mediatek a company based in mainland China a semiconductor company powering most of the smartphones along with Helio smartphones, automotive, loT home entertainment and mobile communications.

Reasons to Download MTK USB Drivers for Windows Computer(Windows 7/8/10)

You get various Mediatek smartphones these days. Where do you find these drivers? In case you need mtk android driver for your phone. You can check back us for all USB Vcom driver and MediaTek usb vcom drivers for your smartphones.

All MTK USB drivers are essential files that allow you to connect to devices with your computer. That means when you transfer files from your smartphone to computer. You need to install MTK usb drivers in order to connect and detect your phone for flashing stock ROM or such things.

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How to download and install MTK drivers (VCCOM or CDC) on windows 7?

For installing MTK drivers you need to follow this process as go as per the instructions. We have made a tutorial out of it.

First, you need to download and install MTK drivers ( you can find the link at the end of the tutorial)

Second, Follow the tutorial to the end.

Download the drivers first, it will be .zip format. After downloading the MTK drivers extract it to your computer and follow the next steps.

Step 1  Right click on the start button and select the device manager from the option.mtk-android-drivers

Step 2 Click on the first item, Your computer name.mtk-usb-vcom-drivers

Step 3 Select the action section and then select the Add legacy hardwaremediatek-usb-vcom-drivers

Step 4 Following the above the instruction, click on the Next button


Step 5 When you click on the next button. You get a wizard popped up on the screen, select the second option and then Next

Step 6 Select the show all device and then select the Next button


Step 7 Select on Have disk option


Step 8 Click on browser button and browse for the specific folder on the Computer. The folder you have used and extracted in the beginning.mediatek-usb-drivers

Step 9 Now, you get different options of the version x64 & x32 bit for x32 version click and it will open up.mtk-usb-vcom-drivers

Step 10 click ok button


Step 11 Now, you need to select mtk usb port and click on the next buttonmediatek-usb-drivers-download

Step 12 Now, you find a option to install the mtk driver software anyway, if you get a warning. Dont worry about it.


Now, you get all the following drivers added in your system:

-mtk da usb vcom port

-mtk preloader usb vcom port

-mtk usb debug port

-mtk usb modem port

-mtk usb port

PS: Now, you must have removed the device but the drivers are installed on the operating system. To that, you need to configure in the device manager. For that please follow the set of commands in ports (COM & LPT) Section.

Step 13 Just follow this steps, in the device manager window Right click and click on the mtk usb port for uninstallation.mtk-usb-drivers-download

Step 14 Click on the ok button


Thanks, for following all the process correctly. You have now successfully installed the drivers. The mtk USB drivers you have installed works with most of the CPU- Mediatek (mtk) phones.


MTK USB Drivers (New)

MTK USB Drivers(Old)

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Steps to free download mtk usb driver windows 7 with driver(Alternate Method)

Getting a driver utility tool is a one stop solution for installing or fixing the mtk driver issue, which could save lot of time and energy. For instance take help of driver talent which can easily download mtk usb driver windows 7. Here is the step by step method for that.

  • First connect the device for mtk drivers


Connect the mtk device with the PC using a USB cable. I suppose you have installed the driver talent software on your computer. Next, click the scan button to find out which drivers do you need.

  1. Download the mtk usb drivers


Using the software click on the peripheral drivers tab to go straight to the peripheral devices section. Now, the driver talent software will make a quick note of the drivers by scanning and detecting the USB connected mtk device.

Click on the install button to install the mtk usb driver for your windows PC.

  1. Reboot the system

Once you have downloaded everything and installed the mtk usb drivers on your computer. Reboot your Computer to make the change take place.

If you are an ios user then it is necessary to have iphone flash software because it will help you in flashing your iphone.

NOTE: Ensure a full backup of your existing drivers. Driver talent will do that for you, it’s possible that you may face driver creases or unexpected error while installing a new drivers.

Software Note: We have used driver talent to download and install all mtk usb drivers, driver talent offers a far extensive way to some advance features. We have also mentioned a alternative way to install mtk usb drivers manually (without software).

Final Verdict on Mediatek MTK USB VCom Drivers

Hope you have liked our post on mtk usb drivers download. In case you have any issues with your mediatek usb vcom drivers or finding it hard to get the android mtk driver for you mediatek phone. You can check us back for related downloads and tutorials.

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