7 Must Have Gadgets for Tech College Students

Each new semester in college is a beginning of a new stage or step of your educational journey. It is the perfect time to set goals and turn a new life. As you get deep into the semester, you need to prepare yourself for the different challenges and successes. Any any help or tool that will help you do that, such as a website or app designed to help you plan, track, and manage your college homework, is welcome. 


All college students face tons of challenges and tasks; however, there are 7 must have gadgets for tech college students that can help you handle life in school and build a promising future. Some of the most helpful tech gadgets and apps for college students include:


  • Noise Reduction Headphones


Thanks to technological advancements, you can freely find and purchase noise cancellation headphones at a surprisingly low cost. If you need to turn a noisy environment into a quiet study area, you need to consider this devise. Noise cancellation or reduction headphones come in different styles, such as headset, ear-bud, or wireless. They can help you maintain your sanity while dealing with your busy school schedule.


  • Google Nest Hub Max


This smart display gadget is useful for students in several different ways. It has in-built speakers to ensure that you never miss an appointment or alarm, as well are a wide range of questions and answers to help you with your assignments. You can actually see your results on a touch screen measuring 10 inches.

In addition, it supports other useful services, such as slideshow configuration and the ability to read recipes. It can also help you watch your dorm room or apartment through its camera, which will give you the ability to watch a live feed of what is happening remotely.


  • Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook


This amazing tech gadget for college students recently got an upgrade. The Evernote app allows students to write notes using paper and pen and translates them into digital format. Students also benefit from its accessibility and organizational benefits. To translate your written notes into pixels, the app uses your phone’s camera.

It will then store the saved document using different organizational options, including modifiable and searchable smart stickers. You can also access your notes and share them using any mobile device. Essentially, it will help you become the best study buddy.


  • Samsung T5 SSD


Your college life probably involves hours of lectures, note taking, projects, and homework. This gadget will save you from going insane due to your busy schedule. With a 1TB storage capacity, is can read and write at amazing speeds, up to 540MBPS. Additionally, its drive can fit in the palm of your hand. Users can use a password to protect their data without a third-party dongle, and it is available in both 2 TB and 500 GB variations. 


  • OtterBox Phone Charger


Life in college is quite hectic. It involves rushing from one lecture to another, internships, extracurricular activities, social interactions, student gigs, and much more. To manage and organize all these activities, you need to keep your mobile device fully charged at all times. To do so, however, you need a special device. 

The OtterBox charging case will extend your device’s battery life two ties over. Featuring auto-stop charging technology to conserve power, this device protects your mobile device against any obstacle you will ever come across.


  •  Philips Light Alarm Clock


If you have trouble waking up early in the morning for lectures/classes, this is the perfect gadget for you. It will simulate a sunrise to wake you up; using gradually increasing brightness a half an hour before your alarm goes off. It can also act as a bedside reading lamp for college students.


  • Bluetooth Coffee Maker


Whether you like it or not, as a college student, you will go through several all-night study sessions. Therefore, you will need some study fuel to get you through such nights. This is where coffee comes in. this device will allow you to brew coffee from wherever you might be within 8 minutes or schedule several brews through its app.

You can choose any of these 7 must have devices for tech college students based on your goals and interests. Whether you are green around the edges or counting down the days to graduation, certain must-have gadgets for tech college students will help you get the most out of your college/university experience.


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