Oppo F1s A1601 Flash File/Firmware/Stock ROM & Flash Tool Download

Oppo F1s Flash File: If you are looking to download the firmware of Oppo F1s Smartphone then you are at the right place. In this post, I have provided the process of flashing the Oppo F1s Smartphone using its flash tool.

Oppo F1s Flash File Download


Oppo is one of the most popular smartphone companies across the global market. The reason behind the popularity of Oppo is various support features offered by the company. Among such feature, one is Oppo F1 Flash File.  Oppo has a number of the flash file which can be easily downloaded. But in most cases, it is seen that the download process become very easy when you have a flash file on the computer. For updating the firmware of Oppo on the smartphone and tablet it is necessary to use one of the compatible flashing tools.

What is a Firmware?


A firmware is a software component that completes the configuration of an electronic device. F1s smartphone has a firmware which is also known as flash file or stock rom.

Various types or format of firmware are available for flashing Oppo F1s mobile. However, there may be different tools for different formats. It is highly necessary to keep the back up of your device firmware after you purchase the mobile device. As a result, it is highly necessary that your mobile device stock ROM.

Why Download Firmware?

With the help of the flash file, you can perform the following actions:

  • Flashing the smartphone.
  • Upgrading or downgrading the software.
  • Restoring the smartphone settings to the default one.

With the help of Oppo stock firmware, you can brick and unbrick your mobile phone. It also helps in fixing the boot loop problem. Apart from that you can upgrade and downgrade your mobile phone. It also helps in fixing stutter. All the software errors can be flashed with the help of flashing Stock ROM.


  • Windows Computer
  • Oppo F1s Flash Tool
  • Oppo USB Drivers

Method1: Steps to download F1s Flash File

The following are the step that you need to follow for installing as well as flashing Oppo A1601 flash file:

  • Install MTK driver.
  • Extract the SP flash tool for downloading the package.
  • Double click the Flash_tool.exe
  • Click on scatter loading that appears on the right side of the tool for launching it on the PC.
  • Assign the firmware in the form Android_scatter.txt.
  • Click on download for flashing.
  • Switch off the mobile and connect it to your mobile by pressing either volume up key or volume down key.
  • Then the flashing will become successful.

Method2: Steps to download F1s Flash File

The following is the process with the help of which you can download Oppo A1601 firmware:

  • Extract Oppo F1s Stock ROM i.e. flash file on PC.
  • Run flash tool.exe file from the same firmware folder
  • Launch SP flash tool on PC as administrator
  • Click on Scatter-loading button
  • Load MT6750_Android_Scatter.txt file from the firmware folder
  • Navigate Format Tab and click on Auto Format Flash and click on the start button
  • Then the formatting will be completed within a few seconds.
  • Remove the USB cable and connect it again by pressing the boot key.
  • Go to the toolbar and navigate the Download section and click on the Download button for flashing tool in order to start the process of flashing.
  • Then the flashing process will start automatically within a few minutes.
  • When the process of flashing will be completed a big OK screen will be flashed.


Downloads Section:

Oppo F1s Flash File Download

Oppo Flash Tool

Oppo USB Drivers

Some other flash files:


This is how most of the Oppo F1s firmware is installed and such kind of tool can be used to restore Oppo F1s smartphone to its original state. But this kind of stock ROM files will be highly useful if create flash custom ROM on your mobile device. Apart from that, you can also tweak the device for returning to the factory state. However, you can use Oppo F1s Stock ROM firmware for downgrading and upgrading the mobile device to a new version. But the downgrade and upgrade of the device actually depend on the release of the Stock firmware. All smartphone can also be bricked if you try to root it or flash a custom room or recovery. It also helps in fixing any kind of flashing issues as well.

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