Prop Hunt Tips & Strategy for Black Ops Cold War

If you’re new to Black Ops Cold War or just starting your career on Call of Duty’s FPS games for that matter, you might not be familiar with the Prop feature. But the veterans of the game surely know about this psychological warfare. In fact, it has been a fan favorite since its inception in Black Ops III. Known as the party mode, this elusive game of hide and seek is not exactly what its name suggests. It’s a thrilling, gritty, chaotic, action-packed gaming experience with bizarre cinematic moments that will take to right in the middle of an action flick. With the help of RivalCheats, you can master this legendary feature and become a veteran of intellectual warfare. Below we’ve listed the most essential strategies and techniques for you to triumph in the Prop Hunt mode.

What is Prop Hunt

This is a round-based game which means you’ll switch spawns and take turns for both hiding and seeking. Props need to use their surroundings to escape the eyes of the opposing team while the team with the guns must hunt down each prop to secure a win. Props don’t have any guns on them and can’t fight back. They’re only allowed to create decoys, change their forms, and throw a concussion grenade to escape. In Seeking, you’ll be equipped with a submachine gun and unlimited ammo, along with a stun grenade while in Hiding, you’ll be able to switch what you look like 3 separate times, use decoys, and flashbangs.

Tips & Tricks

Be on the Move: If you’re a Prop, keep on your feet and be still. This way, you can hide behind objects, utilizing the camera angle while constantly moving around. You’ll have more speed and agility as a prop, so even if the enemy spots you, you’ll be gone in no time. Take the sharp corners, turns, blind spots, and switch the type of Prop once you’re clear. Since you’ll have the 3rd person view here, you’ll have the upper hand over the seekers with their 1st person views.

Hide Right: Learn the best hiding spots (and glitches) and blend in as naturally as you can. Camouflage will help you in this regard. All you need to do is find others like you and take your place as the impostor. Change your look, leave a decoy behind, and use the stun grenade to concuss seekers that come too close. Since you can be a large, medium, or small-sized object when hiding, you gotta ensure that your hiding spot and your assimilation together aren’t eyesores to a seeker. Keep in mind that the smaller and thinner you are as a Prop, the more difficult it is for a Seeker to hit you. So, go through the possible shapes you can use to hide. You can also use your size to hide in bushes in maps like Cartel which could be a lifesaver.

Controls & Techniques: When you’re playing as a Prop, you have a limit on decoys and appearance changes. So, try hiding effectively instead of changing your looks right after the round begins. Gunnies usually look for the Props at eye level or along the ground. So, if you’re a small Prop, climb high, jump off and lock yourself in mid-air. Take advantage of verticality and jump to walls to lock yourself to them. These hacks will make you very difficult to spot.

Slick Seeking: You must learn the art of seeking if you want to grasp the Prop Hunt mode. Along with the submachine gun and unlimited ammo, your grenade will help you guess the locations of the props while knowing the different props that the other team can turn into is also vital. Use your grenade to slows down a prop. You receive a hit marker and a stun indicator whenever a prop gets stunned. Do note that stun grenades have a cool-down period and cannot be used incessantly. You must also coordinate and communicate with other seekers by navigating the map together and notifying them of the indications of loitering props. Props can sneak their way past your line or escape through the weak spots. So, move as a net with your Seeker mates and actively point out to your group where you hear whistles.

Whistle: If you’re a Prop, beware of the whistles that go off every 20 odd seconds and reveal your location to enemies. You could utilize this whistle as a decoy and move soon after, as far away as you can. If you’re a Seeker, listen to the whistle closely as it’s your biggest indicator of the general location of the remaining props on the map. Use a decent headphone to help you pinpoint which direction the whistle is coming from.

Whether you’re a Seeker or a Prop, make the best use of the above game plans and explore RivalCheats for many more hacks. Enjoy the amazing world of Prop Hunt and become a pro of strategic gameplay.

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