Samsung 3322i Flash File [Stock ROM/Firmware]

If you have a computer problem with any Samsung device, you may use Flash to solve it. The flash function is comparable to the factory reset function, though it is more effective. You may use the Flash tool to fix both handset software issues. Currently, the usage of various kinds of software results in various issues in the phone. If the smartphone is a Samsung GT-C3322i, you may flash it by implementing our instructions. Here we’ll go through methods to flash a Samsung GT-C3322i and the software that goes with it. One has to flash their Samsung C3322i smartphone if they wish to safeguard from any software issues.


Follow the methods outlined below to flash your Samsung C3322i for free. What you’ll need to use this approach has previously been described. We’ll now go through how to flash the Samsung GT-C3322i. To receive the correct information, you must go through the entire process.

Step 1: First, upload and compress the flash file from the provided URL to your desktop or laptop.

Step 2: Following the extraction, a folder will also be created. Then, install and download the USB Driver.

Step 3: After installation, open the ‘Flash Tool’ file, should choose the C3322iDDMG4 BSY.fls file, and click the ‘add file’ button.

Step 4: Click on ‘Add file’ once again and choose the C3322iDDMG4 CDS.fls file.

Step 5: After adding everything, click the ‘Add file’ option again and choose the C3322iDDMG4 BSY.CUST.pdf file.

Step 6: Select the C3322iODDMG4 ROOT.dfat file from the Add file menu.

Step-7: Once all the files have been added, click on ‘Add file’ again and choose the C3322iODDMG4 USER.dfat file before pressing the ‘Next’ button.

Step 8: Finally, press the ‘Start USB1’ button.

Step-9: Now tap and hold the 1 + 3 keys, plug in the USB cord, and wait for the Flash to complete.

To flash this Samsung GT-C3322, one must first install the Samsung GT-C3322 flash file to the computer or laptop. You may download it just by clicking on the link below. You may also use this flash file without problems on the laptop or desktop.

Download Link

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