Samsung E1200i Flash File [Stock ROM/Firmware]

Unexpected malfunctioning, like random shutdowns, password issues, or other software glitches, is a normal scenario in any mobile phone. However, developers have created a unique flash file for each model to deal with such issues. Get rid of problems, including phone slowness, or improve the version of the handset with the help of the Samsung e1200i flash file.

How to execute the Samsung e1200i flash file

Please note that the following manual is for users with the Samsung E1200I model. Look for other flash files if this is not the model you are having trouble with right now. Using a wrong flash file inconsistent with the phone’s model may cause it to brick.

Things to get ready beforehand

Never hop on to the flashing process straightaway. Always confirm that you have the prerequisites to the flashing process to avoid hindrances midway.

  • Charged laptop or working PC
  • A compatible USB cable
  • Samsung E1200I model that has more than 60% battery
  • Backup of crucial if not all, files on the mobile phone
  • Flash Tool and USB Driver (linked at the end of the post)

Steps to follow

Go through the sequence as enumerated below to complete the flashing process easily. With this, one should be able to use their phone free from software troubles.

  1. After this paragraph, download the files in the links below the Downloadable Links section.
  2. Install WinRAR on the computer or extract it from the zipped files.
  3. Open the Flash Tool. Locate the folder New_FlashTool_E2.
  4. From the folder, select and open the file FlashTool_E2.exe.
  5. Add files E1200IXXMF1_BSY.fls and E1200IXXMF1_CDS.fls and E1200IXXMF1_CSC.dffs.
  6. Ensure to open the above files in the prescribed sequence only.
  7. Click on NEXT and then on Start USB1.
  8. Press and hold the Centre Key while inserting the USB cable.
  9. Tap Install Driver, and Flashing will start.
  10. Wait till the process finishes.

Downloadable links


– Flashtool

– Driver

Just move the cursor over these texts in blue to land on the site that allows downloading the required files for the flashing process.

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