Samsung E2652 Flash File [Stock ROM/Firmware]

The benefits of the flashing process on a mobile phone are widely known. Get all the details and guide on using the Samsung e2652 flash file in this post.

How to execute the Samsung e2652 flash file

Things to get ready beforehand

By having the below-mentioned tools and programs on a prior basis, you will fasten the flashing process. Otherwise, you may have to pause in between and do the entire process over again.

  • Laptop or PC
  • A working USB cable
  • Samsung Champ E2652 charged more than 60%
  • Backup of vital or all the files lying on the Android
  • Flash Tool, Flash File, and USB Drivers

Steps to follow

  1. Use the links below the procedure section to download the required flash files and tools.
  2. Extract and install the downloaded files on the computer or the laptop.
  3. Double-click the FlashTool_E2_ROU folder. Select and open the file Flashtool_E2.exe.
  4. Tap on the Flash Browse box.Open the folder E2652XXKB2 and open the file E2652XXKB2_BIN.fls.
  5. Similarly, tap on the Flash Browse box. Open the folder E2652XXKB2 and open the file E2652XXKB2_CDS.fls.
  6. Again, tap on the Flash Browse box. Open the folder E2652XXKB2 and open the file E2652XXKB2_CSC.dffs.
  7. Now, tap on the Flash browse box, open the same folder E2652XXKB2 and open the file E2652XXKB2_UI_IMAGE.fls.
  8. One last time, tap the Flash Browse box and open the same folder E2652XXKB2. Open the file E2652XXKB2_psi_flash.fls
  9. Now, click Start. Tap on NEXT.
  10. Click on the Start USB1 option.
  11. Press the Keys Volume Up + Lock Key both at once for a few seconds.
  12. While pressing the Keys in the previous step, insert the USB cable.
  13. Open the driver file.
  14. Wait till the process is completed.
  15. After finishing, and receiving the success message, disconnect the USB and restart the mobile phone.

Downloadable link

Find the Flash Tool for the said mobile phone in the zipped file here:

Similarly, find the Flash File for the Samsung E2652 version in the given link here

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