Samsung G355h Flash File [Stock ROM/Firmware]

Most Android devices now a day get slow after a handful of times. This is why keeping your firmware updated to the latest version is important. Samsung keeps on rolling their firmware updates for their different devices. But many users do not know how to flash their devices and buy a new one. But if you know about flashing, you can download the file from the link below and connect your device to update the firmware.

The flash files are very helpful in solving issues like boot loop, IMEI issues, SW issues, and OS issues. So, if you are an owner of the Samsung Galaxy Core 2 SM-G335H and experiencing similar problems, you can download the flash file and flash your device.

Samsung G355Hflash file details

The Samsung G355H flash file folder is available in the .zip folder that contains the flash file, flash tools, required USB drivers, and how-to-flash guide. Following are the details of the flash file that can be downloaded from here:

  • File name –
  • File size – 600 MB
  • Android version – v4.4.2
  • Flash tool – Odin Downloader
  • Country –India

Installingthe Samsung G355Hflash file

The following steps need to be followed to install and flash your Samsung device:

  1. Download the file from the link and go to the downloads section for the folder.
  2. Extract the files from the system.
  3. Install the USB drivers, but if you’ve already installed them, you may skip the step.
  4. Follow the how-to-flash guide to flash your device.

Please note that the flash process is time-consuming and can get tedious. So, if you don’t have prior knowledge, we would not recommend you go through the process. Also, ensure that you don’t disconnect your device or shut down your system during the process. Otherwise, you may damage your device.

Another important noteworthy aspect is that if you install the firmware, you may need to take a backup of all the data from your device. This is so because your data will get deleted or removed after installing the firmware. So, keep a backup before flashing if you have any confidential and important files on your device like accounts, passwords, PIN, etc.

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