SN Write Tool Download(Official IMEI Writer) with Tutorial

SN Write Tool Download: If you are a mediatek smartphone user who is searching for the best imei writer tool then you are at the right place on the internet. In this article, I present you the latest and old version of imei sn write tool. Also, you will find step by step instructions on how to use SN write tool on windows pc. Read this post till the end to have a clear information on SN write tool.

Important Note: This sn write tool tutorial is for educational purpose. If anyone is found doing any illegal activities with sn write tool then we are not responsible.


SN Write Tool Download(IMEI Writer)


What is SN Write Tool?

SN Write Tool is a windows software owned by Mediatek Company. It helps to flash or write imei number to the mediatek smartphones. SN write tool works not only on smartphones but also on smart tablets. You can write single or multiple imei numbers on a mediatek phone.

The job of sn write tool is not limited to writing the imei numbers to the phone. It also provides features like changing Wifi address, Bluetooth address, Mac address, Wifi EPP copy, and DRM Key MCID.

It is also known as SN Write Station Tool.


Reasons to download SN Write Tool?

  • It is the best IMEI Writer tool for mtk phones.
  • You can add upto 4 imei numbers on the smartphone(depending on the number of sim slots).
  • You don’t need to have much technical knowledge for using the imei writer tool. The installation guide will help you in every step.
  • The user interface of sn imei writer is simple to use.
  • Various mediatek devices are supported such as mtk feature phone, rnds dongle, smartphone, and smart tablet.


How to use SN Write Tool(IMEI Writer) on Windows PC?


  • Windows Computer
  • USB data cable.
  • Your MTK Device.
  • The model number and imei number of your device. You can dial *#06# to check the IMEI number.
  • Database file: It is usually present in the stock firmware of the device. Make use of google and download the firmware. The firmware may be present in a zipped file. Extract it and find the database file. Once you found database file, copy it to desktop or to any folder.
  • Your device should have a minimum of 65% of the battery level. During the flashing process, if the battery level goes to 0% then your device may get dead.
  • MTK USB Driver, if these drivers do not work then try using the qualcomm drivers.



  1. First of all, go to the downloads section(next to this section) and download the imei sn write tool zip file.
  2. Extract the imei sn write tool file.
  3. In the extracted folder, look for the .exe file and double-click on it. And install
  4. Next step is to select a COMPort. Select the option of USB
  5. Next step is to select the type of device in the target such as a smartphone or feature phone or any other mtk
  6. Click on system config and IMEI, BT address, and Wifi address.imei-&-sn-writer-tool
  7. If your device supports dual sims then select dual sim options or simply leave it blank.dual-sim-imei-writer-tool
  8. At the bottom, you will see two options such as MD1_DB and AP_DB. Select the first option and select the MD1_DB file of your mtk device. Repeat this step for AP_DB.imei-write-tool Now hit the save button.
  9. Next step is to hit the start button.imei-and-sn-writer
  10. In the next window, enter the imei address, bluetooth address and wifi address of your mtk phone.imei-writer
  11. The last step is to switch off your device and connect it to the computer. Once the device is connected, the flashing process will begin.
  12. Once the process is finished, you will see a message appear in green color indicating a
  13. Congratulations for successfully flashing the imei using the imei sn write tool.


Download SN Write Tool

Some other tools are Qualcomm Flash Tool, Asus Zenfone Flash Tool, and Merapi Tool 


This was the simple guide on how to download sn write tool and how to use sn write tool. If you have doubts or faced any errors using the imei sn write tool then you can post them in the comments area below.

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