Top 4 Tips for Making the Most Out of YouTube Music

With more than 2 Billion users from all across the world, YouTube is considered to be the biggest video streaming platform in the world. It does not matter what type of content you are looking for; YouTube has it all. From informative and educational videos to entertainment stuff, you can find anything on YouTube. One of the reasons for which a lot of people use YouTube is to stream music, and why shouldn’t they? You can find any song you like and can listen to it for free. If you are using YouTube for music, then you can enhance your experience by following a few simple tips. Let’s have a look:


One of the best parts of browsing music on YouTube is that it allows you to create your separate playlists to which you can listen to form any device as long as you are logged in. This allows you to put on all your favorite songs in the Queue with one click. Another great part about the YouTube playlist is that even if you don’t create one, the algorithm will create it for you depending on your music choice. That does not only helps you organize your favorite songs, but you get to listen to new music as well.

Sore MP3 on Your Phone

Music videos are fun, and we all love them, but let’s be honest sometimes, we just want to listen to the music without the video. You can now download the MP3 version of any song from YouTube by visiting That way, you can create an offline MP3 playlist on your phone, and you can listen to it in quiet whenever you want. It also helps you save data bandwidth that you will be wasting on those videos every time you want to listen to some music.

Search by Lyrics

Can’t remember the name of the song, but you are humming a few lines from it all the time? Then no problem. You don’t have to go on Google or search Reddit posts to find out the name of the song. YouTube algorithm has gotten a lot better in the past few years as it can search the song for you even if you type the lyrics. This technique may not work every time, but it will work nine out of ten times if you type the lyrics correctly. If you don’t know the lyrics correctly, then you will have to take the help of another platform.

Save Those HD Music Videos

As mentioned earlier, not all the people want to watch the video of a song every time they play, but some songs are just incomplete without the video. If you want to browse those songs offline and want to store them on your device in HD, then you can do that by visiting This will allow you to enjoy those HD music videos without any lag, and you won’t have to spend internet data every time you watch them.

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