Free Online Typing Lessons For Kids/Adults [Typing Games/Typing Tests]

Internet runs the world, and it is filled with entertaining and useful stuff. Doesn’t matter what kind of work you want to do, you can always do it via internet. To offer something, you need content and there comes the need of people you can write engaging and to-the point content. It’s not just about the internet and online content writing, but there is need of content editors, writers and auditors all over the world. Sometimes you need to be fast, while maintaining the accuracy. From students to business personnel, everyone should be good at typing to get along with the world.

While being a student, you can participate in activities to be good at typing while being young. It can help you in doing any freelancing job while studying in college or you can be a professional writer and make typing as your profession. There are many advantages of being good at typing and in this digital world, you should not miss this opportunity. If you are not good at typing, or if you want to learn to type fast then you have landed on the correct page.

Here in this post we are going to tell you about some of the best free online typing lessons which you can take to improve your typing skills. This post includes various services where you can find typing practice paragraphs of all categories. Moreover you can also take typing lessons and tests online to check how good you are at typing. In the end, we are providing link to download typing lessons PDF which you can read offline to get typing lessons for speed offline.

Free Online Typing Lessons For Kids/Adults [Typing Games/Typing Tests]


How To Type – Free Typing Practice

How To Type is a website which is completely decided to typing. You can find free typing lessons for beginners along with typing training for professionals on it. Right on the home page you can find links of pages to learn to type, typing speed tests and to practice typing online. You can give few hours a day to this website and see your typing skills getting improved. You can try this tool for English to Hindi typing practice. This website also offers monthly English typing lessons PDF which you can download for offline typing lessons.

Learn Typing – Beginner Typing Lessons

Learn Typing is a good source to get take easy, medium and hard typing test online. Along with tests and typing games, you can also find free online typing lessons student on this website. From beginners from professionals and from kids to students everyone can learn and practice typing online on No sign up or registration is required on this website. This website offers weekly PDF of typing lessons for free which you should definitely not miss. – Free Typing Tutor Online

No other website of this list matches the quality that offers. This website offer typing lessons, games and tests to the users for free. There are 3 typing test modes available; 1 minute, 3 minutes and 5 minutes. You can sign up on this website to know about your typing score and to unlock various achievements. This website does not offer any kind of keyboard typing practice software so beware about fake tools claiming to be official software. Various teachers sign up on this website to teach students the fundamentals of typing, so you can look for typing lessons near me to get a local typing tutor guide.

Typing Lessons – Online Typing Course

Typing Lessons is a website which provides an in-depth guide to improve your typing skills of letters, numbers and even symbols. It can be used for typing learning, practice or test of regular, musical and speed typing. All you have to do is to follow the instructions mentioned on the web page and follow it yourself to know how it works. You can also do latest typing lessons download from this website which keeps you updated. If you are looking for typing lessons for programmers then you can try using this website.

Kidz Type – Free Kids Typin Games

As the name says, this website is dedicated to typing test and games for kids. You can get some of the best typing lessons for kids on this website, that’s what make it different from other similar websites. If you want your kid to learn typing online for free, then let him enjoy using this website and you will feel the difference. KidzType encourages its users (mostly kids) to play typing words per minute games and take tests to improve their typing and vocabulary.

Best Free Typing Lessons Apps For Android 2019

Typing Practice

If you are looking for online typing practice games then this app is for you. In this app a word along with the picture is shown to the user and you are required to type the same words or name of the picture as shown. Do remember that it is an online typing test games and not to get free typing lessons exercises. Currently this app supports only 4 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Typing Speed Test

Typing Speed Test is one of the most popular and widely used advanced typing test app. You can select among Hard, Medium and Easy levels to take free typing test online. You can also enjoy free typing lessons in Hindi, Gujarati and other regional languages in this app. This app shows number of correct words, wrong words, typing speed per minute (WPM) and accuracy. You can also take Characters Per Minute typing test in this app.

Balloon Typing Practice

If you are looking for apps to learn to type for kids then this app is for you. In this app balloons shows up on your screen with a letter (uppercase and lowercase) printed on them. User need to tap the correct alphabet key on the keyboard to pop the balloon. This app comes handy when you are looking for apps to play typing test games.

Typing Test

Typing Test works just like what is says. You can use this Android app to test your typing speed per minute. If you are looking for online typing test WPM, then you can try using this app. It is a very simple and easy to use free online typing tests which you can play with your friends.

Typing Master

Last but not the least, Typing Master is a unique but useful typing game for Android. This app will help your to learn new words while letting you play the game. Locked achievements encourage users to play it more so they can improve their typing skills. This app also supports USB and Bluetooth keyboards, you can use it to improve keyboard typing skills.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter what your age is, you can always learn how to type faster using online typing lesson websites and services. To keep yourself updated, you must take touch typing lessons online as most of the devices these days contain touch-screen display. Not only professionally, but being good at typing can help you in many ways.

Though there are many more websites and services available where you can get typing lessons and games but above mentioned services are best among them. If you are using or knows about any other website, service or app where a person can get typing lessons online free, then let us know about it via comments below.

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